Invisalign Brampton

Invisalign Brampton

Invisalign Brampton clinic, Polaris Dental is always there to make you say cheese with a straighter smile. And for forever, time to say goodbye to your oral health concerns. A question for you! Do you feel like your gap, crooked, straighter teeth or another kind of bite teeth act as a roadblock in your day-to-day personal and professional life?. Polaris Dental – Invisalign Brampton Clinic understands that these issues affect your overall morale and self-confidence, almost ruining your natural personality. So, keeping oral health issues yours in concern, we brought the world’s most advanced aligner system to perfectly fix back your teeth. And make you smile naturally again with a skyrocketing boost in self-esteem and confidence. Being Brampton’s dental clinic, we express our love for Bramptonians and all by offering impeccable almost all oral health solutions for their everlasting smile.

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Why Invisalign Brampton Braces For You?

From intense soreness, bad breath, and loose bracket to a broken wire, seriously, a struggle with metal braces is real. So what’s the premier alternative treatment for you?. Crystal clear and invisible aligners: Invisalign. Invisalign braces are the world’s most advanced aligner systems that outperform traditional metal braces at almost every stage of your orthodontic treatment. In simple words, Invisalign is a series of custom-made plastic aligners that are sequentially inserted after a gap interval of usually two weeks. Pushing back your teeth to straighten them. Steadily, within just 6 to 24 months, your teeth make it to their regular position (depending on the oral health condition and its severity). The most promising feature about Invisalign braces or aligners is that kids to teenagers and adults to older. All are eligible for the same.

Meet Your Invisalign Dentist Brampton

Dr. Smitha Manoj is one of the finest Invisalign Dentists Brampton (General Dentist). She holds the expertise to treat patients from almost all fields of dentistry. Till now, Dr. Smitha Manoj has brought a charming smile to the faces of uncountable patients by providing exceptional oral health treatments.

Modern Invisalign Braces vs Traditional Metal Braces : Know The Difference With Invisalign Brampton Clinic

Does sticking to an outdated approach to fixing oral health issues a good option for you?. Not obviously, everyone is curious to try something out that offers an overall great experience for their oral health, prevailing in the present world. Might be guessing what’s that?. How modern-day Invisalign braces are a far better option for your orthodontic treatment than traditional metal braces (Generally most dental cases).

Least Number Of Visits To The Dentist

Invisalign braces require fewer visits to the dentist. On the contrary, this is not feasible with metal braces. Because you will have to regularly visit your orthodontist every four to eight weeks to tighten and maintain metal braces.

Dental Correction With Ease Of Comfort

Invisalign braces don’t involve any discomfort for you while adjusting a new set of aligner trays. On the other side, metal braces leave patients with soreness for a few days after tightening them. The sharp edges or metal wires might rub against your gums. And due to this, injury to your gums can be possible.

No Restrictions On The Type Of Food

There are no dietary restrictions, or you can eat anything while applying and using Invisalign braces without worrying about specific recommendations. On the other hand, In metal braces, several food items are not allowed to eat because metal components get damaged due to such foods. And are not a sustainable option for a healthy lifestyle due to their restriction on some types of healthy foods.

Crystal Clear And Invisible Aligners

Invisalign braces offer you a complete and confident day-to-day lifestyle which you were experiencing before your dental issues. Because these braces don’t catch any special attention from other people in your professional and personal life. On the flip side, if someone uses metal braces, others find it distracting while having face-to-face conversations. This can leave one with embarrassment and self-doubt about others’ judgment.

Easily Removable During Oral Health Activities

You can easily remove your Invisalign braces while performing various activities like chewing food, flossing and brushing your teeth. On the contrary, in the case of metal braces, instantly removing them is a non-viable option, leaving you with several difficulties or challenges in your day-to-day life.


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You can contact Dr. Smitha Manoj – Founder and Director of Polaris Dental, for your Invisalign braces to bring a charming smile to your face. We are always at your service during the working hours and days.

Understand Invisalign Process Step-By-Step From Beginning To End With Invisalign Brampton Clinic


Invisalign Procedure is pretty much a safe and secure orthodontic treatment. Relatively painless compared to alternatives available in the market. So not to worry much about it. But you should have a basic idea before giving any consideration to Invisalign. It’s time to jump into the step-by-step process of Invisalign from beginning to end, which is generally followed by dental practitioners. So that you can buckle yourself up for a phenomenal experience.



Book Your Consultation With A Dentist


If you are fascinated by Invisalign, firstly, the dentist has to examine whether you are the right candidate for the same or not. Invisalign is known for its all-around performance in almost all orthodontic concerns. But still, it is not a favourable option for some severe oral health issues. The dentist has to consider the patient’s willingness to stick with the trays for at least 20-22 hours on top of clinic considerations. Obviously, you or your family members would be curious to make cost comparisons between Invisalign and other options available for the orthodontic issue. And same goes for the insurance coverage, whether covered or not (who does not want to save a couple of bucks).



Your Treatment Plan Will Be Mapped Out By The dentist.


In the second step, your dentist takes x-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth. These records or reports are dispatched to the Invisalign company. Accompanying instructions from the side of the dentist. That is how teeth should move when the pressure of Invisalign is put into them. The information about your teeth will be inserted into a computer to produce a 3-D rendering of your teeth. And computer replicas or duplicates the way teeth move to their desirable posture. A little in and out can be seen in the dental clinic and Invisalign office during the period. Because getting a proper course of treatment is possible only if adjustments are going to be just correct according to the provided details. When your dentist is satisfied with the same, request made to Invisalign company to create the trays.



Stand By, And Have Patience For Your Aligners.


Before reaching your dental office, aligners might consume around a month. So feel not rushed for your treatment to begin within a couple of days.



It’s Time To Wear Your Aligners.


You visit your dentist’s office when aligners are ready for treatment. Time to hand over your aligners. They are supposed to be worn in a specific sequence or order. Because they are going to be completely different from each other. So make sure you stick or follow the correct pattern. Every single aligner will act as a helping hand to make your teeth straighter and straighter with time. You can take off your aligners while eating or brushing your teeth. But otherwise, you are obligated to always wear them throughout the Invisalign period. If you do not follow a systemized plan, the movement of teeth will not progress according to the same. And when you apply the next set of aligners, they won’t fit perfectly.



The Dentist Refines Your Smile


When you wear the last tray in the remaining two weeks of orthodontic treatment, it’s almost done. Not so often, but a few of your teeth still might need some kind of adjustments. It’s not so uncommon to see these instances. Once you are done with your Invisalign treatment, the dentist will re-inspect your teeth. So that the dentist gets in touch with you once again if you require further treatment or not. If there is room for improvement of teeth, then the dentist places an order for more refinement trays from Invisalign. For one more time, it is going to consume up around a period of a month to arrive for you. Invisalign is aware of the fact that several patients need refinement trays to remain to continue with their treatment. Therefore, You do not have to pay extra charges for them.



It’s Time To Maintain Your Smile


Once your treatment gets completed, you will need to apply for retainers for a particular time. So that there should be enough time for jaw bones to solidify around new teeth positionings. Immediately after your Invisalign treatment, it is necessary to wear your retainers for the next few months. However, For the rest of your life, you should ideally wear a retainer somewhat to maintain your straighter smile.



Invisalign: the world’s most advanced aligner system can help you fix the following oral health issues if suffering from any one of them.


  • Crooked Teeth 
  • Overbite 
  • Underbite 
  • Crossbite 
  • Gaps in Teeth  
  • Openbite 


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